Consent to receive paperless documents

To sign up for paperless documents, you need to consent to receive account information via email. To make the consent process easier, we have provided one consolidated consent agreement for all your paperless services.

To start receiving paperless documents via email, please review the agreement below and click "Consent" at the bottom of this screen.



Your consent to receive paperless documents. We are delighted that you are considering subscribing to one or more of the following: Schwab's eConfirms™, eStatements and Electronic Delivery services (collectively, "Paperless Documents"). Schwab's Paperless Documents can offer significant advantages in terms of speed and convenience. After you read the following information, you may consent to receive Paperless Documents to replace all of your future paper trade confirmations, mutual fund prospectuses for initial purchases, account statements, including all accompanying account-related notices and other regulatory information (collectively, "account statement inserts") and regulatory shareholder materials by clicking on the "Consent" button below. Your consent to receive any of the above Paperless Documents will be effective for all transactions and security holdings in the specified account(s) on an ongoing basis unless you cancel or modify your enrollments or are otherwise notified by Schwab.

Requests for paper versions. Even after you subscribe to Paperless Documents, you will always be able to request a paper version of any document. For paper copies you may call Schwab at 1-800-435-4000. When you make your enrollment selections following this consent, you may have the option to receive a duplicate paper statement in addition to your eStatement that we will mail mid-month to you. A fee may apply for each paper copy of any Paperless Document you request.


You receive a trade confirmation after the purchase or sale of a security, such as stock or mutual fund shares. The trade confirmation provides important information about the terms of your transaction such as the price, number of shares, and the commission. The terms and conditions of your transaction(s) will appear in the email and on a Web page you can link to from the email. If you choose email delivery of your trade confirmations, you will also be agreeing to electronic delivery of mutual fund prospectuses in HTML format via the Web. The eConfirms verifying your purchase of shares in a fund will contain a Web link to a prospectus for the fund, if required. The trade confirmation is an official record of a transaction and includes disclosures required under federal law.


Schwab sends account statements to you following the end of a month in which you conducted some activity in your account. Every customer receives an account statement at the end of each calendar quarter regardless of account activity. The account statement provides important information about your account such as the price and quantity of securities you hold, the transactions you conducted, the overall value of your account at the end of the statement period, other investment related information, and key terms and conditions governing your account. We notify you by email when your account statement is available. The email notification will contain a Web link to where, after you log in, you will find your information under the "Account" tab. This provides the same security for this information that protects all of your account information on the Web. On the same page as your eStatement will be links to any account statement inserts for that month, and we will maintain at the same location your most recent account statements, going back 18 months on a rolling basis.

Consent to receive other regulatory and account-related information.

We often include account statement inserts with your paper account statement. When you consent to electronic delivery of your account statements, you will also be consenting to electronic delivery of account statement inserts. This includes required annual disclosures such as Schwab's statement of financial condition, tax notices for mutual fund shares, information regarding particular securities in your account, market condition advisories, margin information, annual notices of or changes to Schwab customer policies (e.g., account maintenance fees or privacy policy), summaries of updated account features, notices about how we handle trade orders, and amendments to your account agreements. We will maintain ongoing links on the eStatements page so that you can access both the regulatory inserts and your account agreement online.


When new regulatory shareholder materials are available for your review, we will send you an email announcement with a Web link to the shareholder document. Regulatory shareholder materials include prospectuses, prospectus supplements, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports and proxy materials. You will only receive an email announcement if you have a security position in an equity or mutual fund as of the record date for a particular shareholder distribution and the materials are made available electronically by the issuer or third party. If the issuer or third party does not make shareholder materials available electronically, you will instead receive the standard printed materials via U.S. mail. Therefore, you may continue to receive paper materials when electronic versions are not available.

Electronic householding. By providing your consent to receive electronic delivery of regulatory shareholder documents, you also consent to electronic householding. If you and someone else enroll in the Electronic Delivery service using the same email address, we may send one email announcement to this email address if each account holds securities of the same issuer. This is intended to eliminate duplicate mailings of shareholder documents. Your consent to electronic householding is effective for as long as you are enrolled to receive Electronic Delivery. If you no longer want to receive electronic householded documents, you must cancel your Electronic Delivery enrollment.

Shareholder materials. The content of the shareholder materials provided to you through the Electronic Delivery service is the responsibility of the issuing corporation, mutual fund, or third party making those materials available. Schwab is not responsible for the content of Electronic Documents for which Schwab does not serve as issuer or distributor.

Voting electronic proxies. Your shareholder materials may include electronic proxies. You may elect to vote your proxy on-line at by entering the control number included in your email announcement and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or Tax Payer ID as your PIN.


In order to receive Schwab's Paperless Documents, you will need access to a computer and an account with an email service provider compatible with your email software. You may incur Internet-related costs in connection with electronic delivery, such as the costs charged to you by your Internet Service Provider and local telephone companies for the time you spend on the Internet or the costs associated with printing email notifications and electronic documents. Your email notifications and electronic documents may be made available in either HTML (regular Web hypertext) or PDF format. Your electronic documents may be viewed electronically via the Web and printed with a local printer. You may also save your electronic documents by storing the hyperlink on your computer or by downloading and saving the documents the way you would any other file from the Internet. Depending on, among other things, your record keeping practices and your comfort level with and ability to print and store electronic documents, you should decide whether electronic documents, or paper documents are best for you.

For viewing, printing, storing or downloading your email announcements or the linked Web pages containing additional information, you should use the newest versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer web browser with JavaScript enabled. To access the PDF format for printer-friendly eStatements and shareholder materials, you will also need Adobe Acrobat Readerâ„¢.

To see whether you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please view the test document below:

Test Document

If you do not see a document that reads "Test" then you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on this computer. You can download the necessary software free at any time by clicking on the link below. You should follow Adobe's instructions for the download and Adobe's terms and conditions governing the use of the Acrobat Reader. The download process may take several minutes. When you successfully complete the download, please return to this page either by book-marking it or using the "back" or history button on your browser to complete the enrollment process.

Adobe Acrobat Reader


Unless expressly stated, email sent via Paperless Documents services are not encrypted. Instead, for security and confidentiality, unencrypted emails will not include your name, full account number, or any other personal identifier. Be aware, however, that some email addresses may use part or all of your name. If you use a work email address, your employer or other employees may have access to your email. To help you identify your account, we may include some portion, but not all, of your account number. although we believe that email is a reasonably secure method of delivery, as with any form of communication, there is a risk of misdelivery or interception. To address this risk, if we receive any indication either that your Paperless Documents were not successfully delivered to you or that there is a problem with your email address or service:

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) has been authorized by Schwab to send the Electronic Delivery email announcements on Schwab's behalf. Schwab and ADP have entered into a contract in which ADP has agreed to safeguard the security and privacy of all confidential Schwab customer information. In addition, as with all Schwab services, Schwab's privacy policy applies to the Electronic Delivery and electronic householding program. To view Schwab's privacy policy, go to As a secure way to identify you for Proxy voting through Electronic Delivery, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.


Your consent. By clicking on the "Consent" button below, you acknowledge and demonstrate that you can access, view, and retain the Paperless Documents emails, documents and Web sites described above in either HTML or PDF formats, as applicable. You understand that you should contact us to report any problem with your enrollment. We recommend that you print this consent and retain it for future reference. Print from your browser by clicking File and choosing Print.

Withdrawing your consent. This consent applies to each of the Paperless Documents you are subscribing to at this time. You may withdraw or modify your consent by discontinuing one or more of these services at any time by calling us, or logging onto To unsubscribe from eConfirms or eDelivery, please login to and go to the Schwab Alerts page located under the My Home tab. For eStatements, click on the "eStatement" tab under the Account tab and then click the "modify" link. You will need to deselect those accounts that are currently enrolled.

If you discontinue enrollment in eStatements, you will be able to access your previous Schwab eStatements for up to 18 months, unless you begin receiving landscape-style enhanced paper statements, in which case you will not be able to access your prior statements online. You may discontinue enrollment and enroll again no more than once per calendar quarter.

Your email address

Once you provide your consent below, we will begin to deliver your Paperless Documents to the email address you provided during this subscription process. We may periodically ask you to update your email address and we will use the email address you provide during the enrollment process to email you information about other products and services. In the event you receive such an email from Schwab and wish not to receive similar email messages in the future, simply follow the instructions in the email to opt-out of future email marketing messages. In the future, if you should change your email address of record it is your responsibility to provide us with a new address. You may update your email address by calling us, or for eConfirms and Electronic Delivery, you can login to and click on the Schwab Alerts page located under the My Home tab.