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Schwab Managed Portfolios – ETFs


Schwab Managed Portfolios™ – ETFs offer broadly diversified, professionally managed portfolios of ETFs designed to match your investment strategy and tolerance for risk. Each ETF portfolio is managed for you by the investment professionals at Charles Schwab Investment Advisory.

The Schwab Accountability Guarantee™
At Schwab, we believe every investor deserves accountability. If for any reason you're not happy with Schwab Managed Portfolios™, the Schwab Accountability Guarantee means we'll refund your program fee from the previous quarter and work with you to make things right.*
*See below for important information regarding The Schwab Accountability Guarantee.

What do I receive if Schwab Managed Portfolios – ETFs are right for me?

  • Twelve model portfolios to help you strike the right balance between income and growth
  • Broad diversification that matches your objectives
  • Exposure to a wide variety of asset classes, including real estate and commodities
  • A wide range of securities within each asset class, through low-cost, diversified ETFs
  • Ongoing professional management by experts who rebalance your portfolio regularly and provide regular updates

What are the fees and minimums?

  • Investment minimum: $25,000
  • Annual program fees:

    - First $100,000: 0.90%
    - Next $400,000: 0.75%
    - Next $500,000: 0.65%
    - Over $1,000,000: 0.50%

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