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Expert Insight and Research


Get insight to help make more informed trades and manage your risk with practical analysis from industry-recognized Schwab experts. You can also take advantage of our extensive selection of independent third-party research from leading sources to help develop your trading strategies, and a thriving, exclusive Trading Community.

As a Schwab Trading Services client, you’ll get access to all of the following resources and more:

Market Commentary from Schwab Experts

Market Commentary from Schwab Experts

Nationally-recognized market experts including Liz Ann Sonders, Randy Frederick, and others provide timely and actionable insight, market analysis, and trading commentary.

Schwab Equity Ratings

Schwab Equity Ratings

Use our proprietary method for indentifying opportunities and managing risk:

  • Based on balance sheet numbers shown to influence prices
  • Help identify potential 12-month over and under performance
  • Thousands of stocks updated weekly with easy-to-use letter grading

Market Edge®,, and More

Market Edge®,, and More

Access a wealth of premium independent commentary designed for traders. Get market analysis, recommendations, and ratings from Market Edge,, Credit Suisse, Ned Davis Research, Argus, and others.

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