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Schwab Live

Experts and Specialists tackle your toughest trading questions

Schwab Live is a live-streaming event where our trading specialists and special guests share their perspectives on big market questions of the day, submitted by traders like you.

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Meet our trading specialists

Randy Frederick

Vice President of Trading and Derivatives

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Headshot of Randy Frederick

Randy, a respected industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience, writes blogs and educational articles for Schwab’s website and client newsletters. Learn more about Randy >

Lee Bohl

Market Manager, Chartered Market Technician

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Headshot of Lee Bohl

Lee has over 30 years of trading and investing experience. His current areas of expertise include technical analysis, trading strategies, and trading software. Learn more about Lee >

Kevin Horner

Senior Manager, Trading Services Education

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Headshot of Kevin Horner

With over 19 years at Schwab, and a combined 14+ years working with traders, his drive is to help clients improve their success with the market. Learn more about Kevin >

Lou Mercer

Trading Solutions Regional Manager, Chartered Market Technician

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Headshot of Lou Mercer

Lou's primary responsibility is educating traders about Schwab's resources. He conducts seminars on topics including risk management, technical analysis, and profit taking strategies. Learn more about Lou >

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