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10 Powerful Trading Tools to Maximize Your Trading Strategy

Stay in control of your trading with these powerful, intuitive tools for generating ideas, executing trades, and monitoring positions.

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Schwab has powerful trading tools to help traders quickly synthesize data and information, cut through the clutter, and turn ideas into trades more efficiently. Customize your platform—whether it’s StreetSmart Edge®, Trade Source®, or Schwab Mobile—with these 10 essential tools.

Monitor Markets and Your Positions

1. Streaming Data: Trade Source

Get real-time streaming data on Trade Source as well as the All-In-One Trade Ticket. Index, equity, ETF, and options quotes are updated every three seconds. Account information in Positions and Balances is updated at regular intervals with trade events.

2. Synced Watch Lists: StreetSmart Edge

Create multiple watch lists for easier tracking of equities (by industry, product, or your personal tracking needs). Customize, load, and share watch lists between computers and with other users via file sharing. You can even sync your watch list so that it can be accessed from and Schwab Mobile.

Watch list
Source: StreetSmart Edge®

3. High/Low Tool: StreetSmart Edge

Stay on top of your stocks with notifications as they approach or hit highs or lows. Customize your display with the information that matters to you—from NASDAQ and NYSE stocks and other indices to your own symbols and more. View stocks hitting daily and 52-week highs and lows for NASDAQ, NYSE, other indices, and/or your custom symbol list. You can even specify a range of parameters, including proximity alerts, price and volume filters, etc.

Filtered watch list
Source: StreetSmart Edge®

4. Alerts: StreetSmart Edge

Set up alerts for indices, equities, and options using a range of variables including Trade Price, Change From Open, and Change From Close. Use the tabbed format to easily navigate through your alerts.

Find and Analyze Trade Ideas

5. Markets tab, Ideas tab, and Stay Connected® module: Trade Source / Schwab Mobile

Markets tab – Get data on how the U.S. markets are performing, as well as in-depth research on the U.S. and global indices, market news, futures quotes, sector performance, and performance heat maps.

Ideas tab – Get screener information based on nine strategy questions and specific screens, as well as starting points for generating potential trade ideas. Clicking on a strategy tile will zoom in to the results display and analysis.

Stay Connected – View events for your current holdings within the Portfolio tab, or events for the symbol within the Symbol tab. Use the side arrows to rotate through all the events. Click on one of the event squares to expand that event and show more detailed information.

6. Trade & Probability Calculator: StreetSmart Edge / Trade Source

Quickly gauge the potential investment risk and reward of your options order before placing the trade with this sophisticated calculator. See how changes in volatility, moves in the underlying stock price, and other pricing factors could affect your trade value over time.

Trade & Probability Calculator

Source: StreetSmart Edge®

7. Idea Hub™: StreetSmart Edge / Schwab Mobile

Quickly generate trade ideas based on specific goals and screening criteria, updated throughout the trading day. Whether you’re bullish, bearish, or neutral, Idea Hub canvasses the market for ideas based on volatility, earnings, and income-based strategies. Once you’ve identified a trade idea, you can load your trade directly from the tool.

Idea Hub

Source: StreetSmart Edge®

Take Action

8. All-In-One Trade Ticket: Trade Source / StreetSmart Edge / Schwab Mobile

Now you can trade stocks, ETFs, and even advanced orders such as a 4-leg options order, in one place—without switching to special trade tickets during your trading workflow. You’ll place trades more efficiently too, because the tool intuitively sets up your strategy for you and allows you to change or cancel multi-leg option orders.

9. Quotes in the Symbol Tabs: Trade Source

Quickly access in-depth research on stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds by entering a symbol in the symbol entry text box next to the Portfolio tab. Trade Source supports symbol tabs for up to 20 stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds at a time. The saved symbols will be remembered on the next login to Trade Source.

10. Walk Limit® Order on the All-In-One Trade Ticket: StreetSmart Edge

Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually modifying limit orders when trying to get the most favorable fill price between the bid and the ask. Walk Limit automatically adjusts the limit price for single- and multi-leg options orders to try to obtain a favorable execution price within the bid-ask spread.

Walk Limit® Order on the All-In-One Trade Ticket
Source: StreetSmart Edge®


Schwab’s tools are designed to help you increase your potential for success.

Learn more about StreetSmart Edge, Trade Source and Schwab Mobile to see how you can incorporate these 10 powerful tools into your trading strategy today.

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