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Selecting Executors and Trustees for Your Estate

February 17, 2017

When mapping out your estate plan, choosing your beneficiaries is often a straightforward decision. Selecting someone to carry out your wishes, on the other hand, is rarely as clear—and can mean the difference between preventing and provoking conflicts among family members. “Once you’ve signed the estate-planning documents, you’ve effectively pushed the first domino,” says Tanya Simpson, a Schwab wealth strategist and tax, trust and estate specialist based in Phoenix. “Choosing the right executor and trustee can help ensure the rest of the pieces fall into place.”

While it’s common for a family member or friend to serve as the executor of a will or the trustee of a trust, there are times when it makes sense to appoint a lawyer, trust company or other professional. Here are important factors to consider:

Consider familiarity, conflicts of interest, abilities, burden and cost when selecting between family/friends and a professional.

Rather than approach the decision as an either/or, Tanya says, consider appointing a family member or friend and a professional co-executor or co-trustee. “The professional can handle the heavier lifting, and yet you still have someone familiar with the family to handle the more sensitive issues,” she says. “In addition, since you’re not relying solely on a professional, it’s potentially much less expensive.”

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